Our Mission

As many international students know all too well, writing clearly and effectively in English is difficult. Putting together an application for graduate school that communicates your passion, your talents and personality is even harder.

At Better Edits, we are committed to helping students from all over the world to pursue their graduate studies. By thoughtfully and rigorously editing your graduate school application essays or resume, we can help you display your talents and explain your accomplishments. We firmly believe in an education-based approach to editing that will not only help you prepare a strong application, but also make you a more confident writer in English.

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(NOTE: Better Edits does not write application essays for students. We only offer editing of already written material and do so with an explicitly educational purpose. For writing samples, academic articles and abstracts, we do not edit any work that will be evaluated for a grade. We are not here to do your work for you, but to help you polish your own work. Along the way, we hope to teach you more about writing in English. Our services are thus geared toward international students applying to graduate school in the US or in other English-speaking countries.)