How It Works

By carefully guiding you through multiple rounds of editing, our editors are able to perfectly tailor your essay to its intended audience as well as teach you core English skills for surviving graduate school. 

Step 1. Choose your editor: Chris or Paul. 

Step 2. Place an order based on the word count of your current draft. After receiving your order confirmation, forward your documents to your chosen editor. 

Step 3. For standard orders, we will send a first round edit within 3 days. To receive faster service, please place a rush order. For rush orders, the first round will be sent within 24 hoursIn the first round edit, your editor will correct obvious mistakes in grammar and usage as well as comment on the ideas presented in your essay. 

Step 4. After revising your draft and answering all the questions in the comment boxes, send it back to your editor.

Step 5. Your editor will then edit a second round version to polish your essay for submission. Depending on the client's needs, the second round is generally ready within 2-3 daysFor rush orders, the second round will be received within 24 hours of sending the revised version.

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